Can your motorcycle do this?

Can your motorcycle handle river riding?
The Ural can!

Ural Factory managers took five 2014 Urals, camping gear and waterproof suites and went on a crazy adventure.

 Chistop Khrebet, the area in the northern Ural mountains near where the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident occurred.

Motorcycles:  2014 stock, except for modified intake and exhaust system for water crossing.


A movie of our First Ural Adventure

If you’ve got a little time to spare, this is a 20 minute “movie” I made from all the photos and videos that we shot during our 7 day vacation/trip/adventure this past June.  We started in Harbor City (near Los Angeles California) and documented our ride as we rode our new Ural motorcycle/sidecar thru Oxnard, Lompoc, Cambria, Big Sur, Monterey, and Turlock on our way bringing our new rig home to Folsom.

Turn up the volume and grab some popcorn…..

The “movie”  is a 7 day summary of the ride in 20 minutes. For more details about each day of our ride along the coast, check out our notes below in the various posts about each day.

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Have fun and ride safe!

First Ural Ride Video (attempt)

This is my first attempt to make a short video from some of the footage that was recorded during our trip to pickup the new Ural and ride it back home last month.

For this video footage, Ronda accidentally set her camera to record in slow-motion while we were riding along some back roads behind Santa Barbara.  After a little bit of editing, titling and goofing around with audio add-on’s, it came out half way decent (I think…?).

Check it out…..

Going The Distance

The Bike & Sidecar for Going the Distance

By Mike Clear

“Going The Distance” is about our overly-ambitious honeymoon, which we used to try to find the secret of lasting love. Not a small question, and not a small honeymoon – we drove a motorbike and sidecar from the top to the bottom of the world, along the Pan-American highway. As we travelled along this road over 8 months, we interviewed 120 couples; including Eskimos in Alaska, Polygamous Mormons in Utah, porn-stars in Los Angeles, a FARC kidnap victim and his wife in Colombia; and many of the leading relationship experts in the world. Not content with this test of our relationship being enough, we also subjected ourselves to a series of scientific experiments to see if we’re set to stay together – the results of which we discovered only at the end of our journey.

After spending 25,000km searching for lasting love, it is now abundantly clear that I am in love with the longevity of the Ural. If ever we were to choose a machine to represent a lasting marriage, the Ural is it. Our 3 wheels are none other than a fabulous, 2009, Ural Tourist T.  Everywhere we go we raise smiles and waves from excited passers by, and create what’s become known as “The Ural Effect”. Stopping in a garage often takes a lot more time than it takes just to fill up with gas, as everyone wants to know what it is and where it’s from. “It’s awesome, and is from Russia!” – is our abbreviated reply.

Alanna talks about how the sidecar is a perfect metaphor for marriage – that the lone male adventurer is suddenly joined by a woman tacked on the side. I often think about how reliable it is (as our marriage should be in the future!) and how it can be hard work. I spend a few days a week driving for around 10 hours, it’s exhausting work but it’s well worth it.

Check out the videos below and check out their website at –

Next June, Ronda and I will have been married 30 years.

Sidecars and Snow


Story, Photos and Video By Amos Kwan

Given the chance to ride motorcycles in the winter, a sane rider might politely decline, but what’s life without a few two three-wheeled thrills? On a recent invitation by Ural Motorcycles we did just that, responding “yes, please” (pronto) while simultaneously reaching for our bags, and multiple changes of underwear. Next stop, cold and soggy Seattle.

Wait, “not Russia”, you ask? Ural Motorcycles is steeped in Russian history, war history, but today Ural is actually based in the Pacific Northwest far from the frontlines of any European battlegrounds, but manufacturing continues to happen on the other side of the world in Siberia — territory inhabited by folks that know a thing or two about wretched weather.

Our agent of transportation for the ride: the eminently capable and appropriately named (at least for us) Gear-Up sidecar motorcycle. Our final destination: nowhere specific, but we did know we would be making our way through a speculative snow cloaked road in the Cascades. Here’s how things went.

Watch our film and story right after the jump.

Note that the Gear-Up looks like nothing else out there. It’s not a bike for sissies, but it’s also not a thrust of horsepower and torque to your backside that begs for you to hold on for dear life. Built like a Russian T-90 tank, the Gear-Up is designed to take punishment. With a reliable boxer engine that doles out a capable 40 horsepower, the Gear-Up isn’t fast, but gets you where you need to go with steadiness and no unwanted drama. The bike is also powdercoated, not painted, so it knows you’d rather thrash it through dirt, bramble and sand than take it to some Concours d’Elegance to show off while you eat cucumber sandwiches. But it also boasts modern bits like Brembo brakes and much-needed Sachs suspension components. For those, we would end up grateful, given the impending weather and road conditions. With the Gear-Up’s fat knobbies, snap on rain cover for the sidecar, and WWII style gas cans for those moments when your desire to ride outdoes your gas tank’s capacity, we headed off for the mountains.

Full Article can be found by clicking this LINK

Video of our new 2014 Ural Gear Up 2WD Red October Custom

The Ural dealer we purchased our new Ural from in New England made this video after the modifications I ordered were added to the motorcycle. Soon after making this video, they shipped out my new 2014 Ural Gear Up 2WD Red October Custom, destined to arrive in SoCal at Boss Hoss Motorcycles in Harbor City.  I believe this is the second cross country trip this bike has already made – the next one will be with me and Ronda riding it.

Quick notes: my salesman Dmitry, at Ural of New England (featured in the video below) was great to work with and extremely knowledgeable about Ural Motorcycles.  Don at Boss Hoss Motorcycles, which also sells Ural’s, was a great help in getting my Ural setup for CA emissions and getting it registered for me (which can only be done by a dealer).