I’m Dave and my wife’s name is Ronda. We’ve been riding together on my motorcycles for over 20 years. It all started with a Yamaha Vstar 650, riding from the deserts to the mountains. We rode out on camping trips, group ride events and solo rides up and down the coast. Then we got a Harley and the adventures extended for thousands of miles as we traveled to the Sierra’s, Coast, Desert, Grand Canyon, and many more places.

Now our adventures are beginning all over again on a new kind of ride, a new 2014 Ural Gear Up 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle from Siberia Russia.  I found this rig online at a shop in Boxborough MA and bought it and added a bunch of mods to it and had it shipped to Southern California where my wife and I flew to pick it up in June 2014.  It was from here our whole new riding adventures began.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

Dave and Ronda

Riding the Road GlideOn our 2005 Harley Road Glide
going camping in the Sierra’s

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Totally, totally cool guys…you two look like your having fun.
    Happy belated anniversary.Take care, love you guys. R&C

  2. Great video, how about a little more info on the Ural Gear-up. Have you had any problems? You mention that it is slow on steep grades. How does it handle on the 4 lane.

    • Haven’t had a single problem with the bike, it’s running flawlessly.
      It’s a 750 and when fully loaded with a passenger and gear it’s not fast, top speed is around 70
      on the 4 lane. It’s a really fun bike to ride, I like it for local rides but not long distance.

      • I have a 2008 Wing with a 2010 Hannigan sidecar. What I am finding out is that the yearly upkeep can be expensive. I have been looking at the Ural as something that I can maintain and not Mr. Honda. The Wing doesn’t know that the sidecar is attached.

      • That’s an interesting rig you have. Why is the upkeep expensive?
        The Ural is very inexpensive to maintain. I may be selling mine soon
        to make room for another vehicle.

      • The bike is a dealer service unit. Labor rates of $75-125 per hour if you can find a dealership that will work with the sidecar installed. The rear shock unit needs to be replaced along with progressive units for the forks, about a $2K to $2.5K job. A set of tires for the bike $500 installed.

        That is why I am looking at the Ural. The only bad thing I have found is that rear tire life appears to be short. The cockpit on the Ural does not have a top for the passenger in bad weather. I would not buy another Wing. Would like an Indian but it is out of my price range, plus I don’t know if anyone has sidecar mounts this soon.

  3. Hi Dave and Ronda
    Congratulations on your Ural purchase and the beginning of this fun “is not the destination, but the journey” part of your life. We are happy bug eating-dust breathing-holy guacamole riding Ural owners since 2012.
    We would like to hear more about your adventures soon.

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