Going The Distance

The Bike & Sidecar for Going the Distance

By Mike Clear

“Going The Distance” is about our overly-ambitious honeymoon, which we used to try to find the secret of lasting love. Not a small question, and not a small honeymoon – we drove a motorbike and sidecar from the top to the bottom of the world, along the Pan-American highway. As we travelled along this road over 8 months, we interviewed 120 couples; including Eskimos in Alaska, Polygamous Mormons in Utah, porn-stars in Los Angeles, a FARC kidnap victim and his wife in Colombia; and many of the leading relationship experts in the world. Not content with this test of our relationship being enough, we also subjected ourselves to a series of scientific experiments to see if we’re set to stay together – the results of which we discovered only at the end of our journey.

After spending 25,000km searching for lasting love, it is now abundantly clear that I am in love with the longevity of the Ural. If ever we were to choose a machine to represent a lasting marriage, the Ural is it. Our 3 wheels are none other than a fabulous, 2009, Ural Tourist T.  Everywhere we go we raise smiles and waves from excited passers by, and create what’s become known as “The Ural Effect”. Stopping in a garage often takes a lot more time than it takes just to fill up with gas, as everyone wants to know what it is and where it’s from. “It’s awesome, and is from Russia!” – is our abbreviated reply.

Alanna talks about how the sidecar is a perfect metaphor for marriage – that the lone male adventurer is suddenly joined by a woman tacked on the side. I often think about how reliable it is (as our marriage should be in the future!) and how it can be hard work. I spend a few days a week driving for around 10 hours, it’s exhausting work but it’s well worth it.

Check out the videos below and check out their website at – http://www.goingthedistance.org.uk/

Next June, Ronda and I will have been married 30 years.

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